Saturday, June 25, 2011

Clinica de Esperanza/Clinic of Hope Santa Ana Honduras

We had the opportunity to visit the children at the childrens home, deliver bikes for them and medicine and supplies to the clinic. The team built houses and managed to build shelves for the bodega in the clinic. Janet graciously fed us lunch in her home across the street from the clinic and we enjoyed our fellowship together and her hospitality. Thank you Dave for helping with the cooking.

The clinic will start its 5th year on August 15th and has only stayed open this year because of Gods mercy and my friends who chipped in while I was out of work. It has shown me so many people who are willing to sacrifice when needed and humbled me as well. It is not my clinic after all, but a tool to provide for physical needs of people. Im just glad God let me be a tool in this particular toolbox. We continue to pray that if it is God's will, the finances will come. The needs continue to grow and our hearts are full of God's love as he provides for the needs as they present themsleves. Annie Masterson (pre med) will be interning at the clinic for the remaining part of the summer and will bring new dimensions to the work. Thank you Annie for also being a willing tool in the toolbox.
Gayle Davidson