Sunday, June 19, 2016

Diamonte for Church, 4 Baptisms, Jesus Statue worship

A church planted from Los Pinos is just making it's beginnings here. Timeteo and Tim preach the word in English and Spanish. There is no water for miles so water is brought in 50 gallon drums each Worship time. They could use the water for washing, drinking, and bathing but they ask us to poor it on the ground even though it means walking hours to get what they need. Symbolically speaking they are sure they left their past sins in the water and they want nothing to do with it.

The Jesus Statue built by the same architech as in Rio, was built by the first lady after Mitch destroyed the country. It can be seen by the entire capital on the hill. It is meant to give hope to those who had no hope at the time and still today symbolizes the hope of Jesus in a world that continues to be very hopeless for some.Yet they are thankful with what they have....

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Fresh market for the poor, Childrens home VBS, Food and Bible giveaway, Clinic tour

Much of the country of Honduras does not have enough land for a 16 x 18 house, much less a garden. Fresh produce comes once a week to the city. Poor people can not afford it. We give our team funds to go and buy what we need to give away that day. They barter and learn the ways of the culture to get the most they can for the poor.

Those of you who gave buckets, this is what we used them for. A bucket is a lifeline here. For a couple dollars you changed the lives of those we had the opportunity to touch today. The food is a extra bonus. With a bucket they can haul water and supplies from the long distances their difficult lives require. We also provided Sawyer filters for all the folks so they can drink clean water and a Bible so they can have the living water as well. Thanks to everyone who made this happen.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Homes for the poor, more work on the school, Santa Lucia church

More homes for the poor. More work on the school. Worship in the second oldest church in Central America. Each home receives a housewarming box from all of you in Melbourne who provided these and a Bible and a prayer from the group to get them started in the right direction. They often pray along with us as they are overwhelmed at the generosity of people they have never met before.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Hospital Esquela, Blind School, Mi Esperanza, Warehouse

Kids are in the hospital without parents for weeks as the parent live far away and have many other kids to care for. It is common for kids to only have one parent and 90% of the time it is a mom.

A visit from a Torcher makes their day. They are very excited to be prayed over. Thanks to the Gap Foundation for helping with boxes for the children who have nothing to do but stare at the ceiling. The blind kids always win the soccer game against the blindfolded Americans. In fact they kill us every single time. They can hear the beans in the ball and respond without sight. They sing like angels and we love to sing to them. Mi Esperanza shows us how to be hope to so many women who need it to care for their families through their program. Hearts were broken to see the need and hopefully we now know how to respond to that need.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Torch Villa Nuevo Tiempo

Another beautiful day in Honduras. The group before us worked the the rain for 2 weeks straight, we have not had a problem. God is good. Today we are working in a new cummunity "Villa Nuevo Tiempo. The town generally seems respectful and polite. As usual, other members of the community come to help carry wood or do whatever they can even if it is not their house. The sense of community that we have lost in the states is impressive. Everyone is all about relationships. They watch each other's backs, children and generally pitch it to do what needs to be done. It reminds me of the early church. When there was a need, you found a way to help meet the need, even if you do not know the person.

Today we built 2 houses. One was built by the labors in the states of the Tomlinson family. A family that is awesome in every way. I have personally had the privilege of being with the kids as they grew up in youth group. The house is in memory of Jack Tomlinson. The father of the family who died some years ago. No one has forgotten him as he left his footprints everywhere. You can see him in the trees at church and simple things that he spent every day doing and serving. He raised a bunch of great kids with his wife Mary. The man never stopped and never turned down a opportunity to served. He worked endless on things people never knew were being done of by whom. A true man of God in every way. He was a strong advocate of the Torch work and missionary work in general and was a positive influence on all out lives. We miss you Jack! You just housed a family that had nothing. A single mom and her daughter.

The other home was sponsored by a matching fund at Microsoft through the dedicated efforts of Steve and Beth Lindsey. These extra funds enable us to give more people a place to live. We greatly appreciate this program. Thank you Microsoft!

Part of our group laid footers and put up cinder block on the new school, a summer long program sponsored by Sonquest. This will literally change the lives of the entire community. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tierre de Padre

A reservation for indigenous tribes in Honduras. This community has no water or school or electricity and housing is made out of what they find on the ground. There are approximately 45 families. Today we were privileged to  work on the school that is being built through Sonquest donation and Torch leaders donations. We also had a awesome VBS led by Rachel Fowler. A clinic was also provided for the entire town.



                                                                     THANK YOU JESUS!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Day 1 in Honduras 2016

What a awesome start to a missions trip. It was a true privilege today to watch a large portion of our group that have never been on a Torch group today. We worked in Peloquin, a village in the mountains north of the mission house. Two homes were build for Jesus with the love and financial support of some folks in Lakeland, Florida from the Highlands Church of Christ. The owners are sisters with families. We were able to view their previous living space near the houses and found it was basically a walk in closet that leaked. Many prayers were said for the families and houses were dedicated. Each home received a housewarming box provided by some great folks from the Melbourne Church of Christ in Melbourne Florida.

A medical clinic was provided for 112 folks and 52 came back to the clinic to hear a great Bible class taught by Tim Hines.After arriving back at the Mission house 300 bags of food were packed out to deliver tomorrow. A great day to be in service

bilinda has drive thorough at clinic

                                               Neighbors are always willing to help
                                                   Tim Hines teaches Bible class
                                               Josh Halford heads up triage at clinic
                                               Homes built in the Name of Jesus

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Torch Missions 2016 arrives in Honduras!!!!

Holly Hill, Port Orange, & Melbourne Florida; and Covington, Louisiana start a long awaited trip to serve the people of Honduras. A very tired group of travelers arrived (several all-nighters) to sort at the warehouse, enjoy the beauty of God's creation at the mission house and prepare for the work tomorrow. Devotional and singing led by Tim Hines gave us the energy and power we needed to get through the work. We are very excited to start building and doing clinics tomorrow. We are so grateful to all the people who made this possible. Keep us in your prayers.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

IRC in Africa

This is the most difficult thing I've ever had to write. So, after many attempts, Im just going to let you use your imagination on the Ebola thing. It is more than most can bear to hear about.  While working in Africa in Ebola containment areas from October 21-December 13, I knew going in that there was no one I had hopes of saving, medically speaking. Could not throw a antibiotic at it and there was not a cure. We knew this going in. My purpose in going was simple. Being there to comfort the dying (in English!) and hope for a opportunity to share my faith and in doing so, saving them in another more important way. So with out saying anything else about it, I will just share the names of the people who confessed Jesus as their Savior before they died. The rest is up to God.
Please lift every name up to Him.

CHIBUEZE-means "God is beautiful"
CHIJINDUM-means "God hold my life"
CHIBUKE-means "God is strength_
NKECHINYERE-means "gift of God"
OCHENEKEKEVWE-means "God provided for me"

Thursday, October 09, 2014

IRC Feeding Program underway at Clinic

The second feeding program is underway at the Clinica de Esperanza. With the donation of 10.4 million meals, some were allotted for the clinic as the program requires monitoring of the patients and their progress. IRC handled the donation from our warehouse in Tegucigalpa. We added in some spices and cornmeal with the meals. Each bag makes 50 meals. Nutritional education is carried out by Dr. Olga and the patients come in weekly for a checkup. Thank you USAID!

food recepients
food recepients
food recepients

food recepients

food arrives at warehouse